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Autumn, Hot Shrimp, Squid -

As the nights start to draw in and the days get shorter, autumn is just around the corner. During this season we believe an excellent quality bait can really make the difference for a successful autumn campaign. As with all of our baits here at aqua bait, we strive on providing boilies with only the finest quality ingredients available. Our baits encompass high nutritional value, with awesome attractor packages. With over 30 years formulating and producing specialist bait, backed up by albums full of big old carp from the UK and overseas. We are confident that we can help you...

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Hot Shrimp -

A big congrats to Franky after years of taking multiple shots of this fish, Franky finally had his turn of holding the massive “ Shoulder’s “ at an impressive 53:10 on aquabait. Franky and the Hot shrimp... deadly combo!

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Alfie Russel, Hot Shrimp, Park Lake -

The Hot Shrimp food bait is a fish meal containing no added oil. The only oil content in the bait is naturally attributed to the ingredients within. This is just one of the properties that makes it extremely digestible and attractive in the cold weather. There have been some great results on the Hot Shrimp throughout winter periods gone. Alfie and Darren had some local park lake success recently on the Hot Shrimp and Aqua-A combination.

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