The Story

Spence has an experience of formulating and producing boilies and accompanying carp food products for over 30 years. He is a dedicated angler of the old-skool, who has quietly and successfully gone about his business catching targets on his own terms, where ever the carp have lead him in life. He possesses enviable albums of big carp from the UK, Belgium, France and others. Spence, through experience, has developed a large variety of bait items, all of which have accounted for captures upon captures of carp for anglers in the UK and overseas.

With an impressive knowledge of carp food products and the science behind it all, Spence set about formulating a new bait which was a bait like none other commercially available. It was and is an expensive bait to formulate, but it really is worth it. With bait being one of the most important parts of the carp-catching jigsaw puzzle, Spence wanted an edge over others on his venue at the time. The results soon after were like no other in the venues’ history, which was very much a bait dominated water, and so the Shrimp was born.

Spence then started supplying a few friends with the Shrimp. He was happy to do so if it was kept quiet, as it allowed him to procure the ingredients in larger quantities which was more feasible in bait production. Due to the combination of Spence’s passion for rolling bait, his extensive knowledge, confidence in what he is producing and attention to detail and quality… along with the feasibility of working with larger quantities of ingredients and a few friends who were keen to have a go with the Shrimp, incredible results were had by all users at the time. Word soon got out, and Spence found himself supplying many friends, and friends of friends, all of whom had seen what the bait could do. Results reported back to Spence were nothing short of amazing, with targets and hits of carp being banked left, right and centre from multiple hard venues. Demand for the bait consequently soared. Spence considered his options, and his passion for producing quality, unrivalled bait, along with his new-found joy of directly providing carp anglers with a service that would result in them reporting back having caught the ones they wanted, caused Spence to solely focus on the bait production and supply… and so Aqua Bait Company was born.