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Introducing our latest development here at aqua bait, our new range of coated freezer bait the SS ( soluble skin ). Through extensive experimenting, we have developed a formula that has allowed us to create a freezer bait with a layered coating, very much like our renowned game changer hook baits. Like everything in our range, this has been formulated with the highest quality food and marine-grade ingredients available within the industry. Whilst the core bait remains unchanged, the additional layered coating consists of, Green-lipped mussel, Shrimp, liver, fish extract, Robin red, krill plus a couple of secrets! This isn’t...

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Bait Development, Garlic Xtreme, Hookbaits -

New addition to our hook-bait selection, the garlic xtremes are a very old recipe that spence has been using for years and has accounted for various big carp at home and abroad! These are available in the follow sizes: Airball pop ups 12mm & 14mm  Corkball pop ups 12mm & 14mm  The ingredient used in these special hookbaits is used in the fish keeping industry to entice wary and sick fish to feed. Well worth a look.

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Bait Development, Savoury Seed -

The Savoury Seed is an all season mix that is unlike anything currently out there. If fishmeal/nut mixes and the like have been done to death on your waters, the Savoury Seed offers an opportunity to apply a bait different to anything they have seen before, which they love eating and is highly beneficial to their well-being. It incorporates a range of classic and proven ingredients, which many would not necessary combine in a food bait as they are not blatantly associated with one another in the bait world. Seeing as it is a unique mix, and imitations will be...

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