New - Ultra Buoyant Cork Granule Pop Ups!

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New - Ultra Buoyant Cork Granule Pop Ups!

We’ve recently formulated a new ultra buoyant pop up mix, which includes the finest Portuguese cork granules.

We are incredibly impressed with how effective this mix has turned out. During our testing, we have had 14mm pop ups holding up a size 4 long shank hook for up to 6 days with a bait screw.

Not only is this mix ultra buoyant, but it also takes on attractors and flavours extremely well. It has a firm texture but remains soft enough to easily pierce with a baiting needle.

These have been produced so far in Aqua M, Candy Berry’s, Garlic Xtreme with the rest is the range to follow shortly.

If you’re looking for an ultra buoyant, high attract, high leakage pop up for your winter angling, we are confident you will not find any better.