Introducing The Aqua M

Introducing The Aqua M

The Aqua M corkballs are based on a legendary attractor profile consisting of our in-house blend of Mulberry Florentine, Scopex and a hint of black pepper.

The Mulberry Florentine and Scopex flavours by Rod Hutchinson are regarded by many as some of the greatest flavours ever produced. With limited supply of the originals remaining, we worked with our flavorists to reformulate these special blends. After extensively reviewing several samples, we are extremely happy with the final result. The smell is an enhancing scent that consists of summer fruits & flowers, with deep creamy buttery notes.

We were also able to source the finest organic mulberry extract powder. This is a human-grade ingredient, which is 100% natural. This extract was blended with a couple of other secret powders to form the ultimate fruity taste. This will not disperse at the same rate as the liquid flavours, adding an additional layer to the attractor profile.

The deadly base mix is based on the same recipe as the highly regarded Aqua A corkballs. The base mix includes an ‘old skool’ combination of five attractive and nutritional milk proteins of the highest quality. Due to the ingredients used and a short boiling time, the base mix maintains attractiveness and produces a very firm yet pierceable texture.

Once dried the hookbaits are then coated with a dash of Minamino, one of the most complete liquid foods available. It has a distinctive, but subtle raspberry flavour that makes it instantly recognisable.

The strong scent of summer fruits and flowers, combined with the creamy, attractive milk proteins produce an irresistible hookbait that’s effective all year round, both presented as singles or amongst free offerings. The addictive smell and taste has been a proven big fish catcher for many years and will be for many years to come.

These are currently available in pale pink colour. The corkballs are, as always, pressed to ensure a consistent depth/coverage of paste around the corkball. This ensures that all hookbaits are of an identical buoyancy. As with all of our hook baits, these are created in-house and lovingly finished by hand.