In the Words of Alf...

Alfie Russel -

In the Words of Alf...

For those that don't know what I've been up to over the last few years, here is a little insight.

I've been working with Spencer, the owner of the high quality Aqua Bait Company, for the last three years. I've used Nash Bait pretty much all of my life and have had amazing success. If I wasn't to have met Spencer I'd genuinely never have used another bait (other than my faithful Warburton’s toastie slice).

As you would do working at a bait company, I often go fishing straight from work and take a handful of the bait with me. The carps reactions to the quality food baits that I have witnessed have been out of this world. Tricky fish become muggy, and results have been outstanding.

The pure fact that I help Spencer make great anglers bait on a weekly basis and know what lovely, fresh ingredients go into it makes my confidence in the bait rocket. Never would Spencer or I roll and produce a bait if there was a risk of shortage of particular ingredients. This is essential in the bait world today; cutting and producing a bait that was once good and turning it into a money making bait of no nutritional value is certainly not what we are in it for. It's all about keeping anglers happy and catching, with a consistent supply of the best, fresh rolled bait on tap whenever they need it, sent out fresh rolled or picked up.

I've learnt so much being in the bait game over the last few years and the availability of good quality bait in the scene is diminishing. Spencer has been making his own bait for over 30 years. He is without doubt a superb angler along with being a mastermind of how to create something that the carp we fish for adore, and more so get something that they naturally need through consumption. From liquid food, fresh freezer bait, fish fresh stick mix to hand rolled cork ball hookbaits; it is all produced in house by Spence and I. When someone comes in with a huge buzz having just smashed there PB or caught their target fish it is overwhelming for us.

I'm going to continue working with Spencer at Aqua Bait Company indefinitely. It's something that I enjoy and love doing and I certainly can't see myself sat behind a desk all day. All the best.