Savoury Seed Corkballs

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The Savoury Seed is an all season mix that is unlike anything currently out there. If fishmeal/nut mixes and the like have been done to death on your waters, the Savoury Seed offers an opportunity to apply a bait different to anything they have seen before, which they love eating and is highly beneficial to their well-being. It incorporates a range of classic and proven ingredients, which many would not necessary combine in a food bait as they are not blatantly associated with one another in the bait world. Seeing as it is a unique mix, and imitations will be obvious, we are going to tell you exactly what’s in it! Sometimes it’s nice to hold no secrets and likewise it’s nice to know exactly what you are using! Here goes:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate – milk protein concentrate rich in protein, branch chain amino acids, lactose, minerals, and vitamins and contains lactalbumin and traces of fat

  • Rennet Casein – A highly nutritious milk protein coagulated from milk using enzymes (rennet)

  • Acid Casein – Another nutritious and attractive milk protein which combined with the above delivers a more complete amino acid profile

  • CLO (sluis equivalent) Bird Food – Adds Cod Liver Oil and Omega-3 fatty acid value, as well as nutrition and texture

  • Haiths Robin Red – a classic and proven attractor which further contributes to the nutritional profile

  • Skinned tiger nut flour – A top quality tiger nut flour made from organic, skinned/peeled tiger nuts. Tiger nuts of this variety are sweeter and carry a unique taste that the carp love, and this is mirrored in this ingredient. It is human grade and often used in the baking industry due to its taste and high natural sugar content

  • Yeast – This variety is very well proven, particularly in the last 12 years or so. It adds yet another dimension of attraction and aids digestibility, whilst contributing to the protein, vitamin B, mineral and fibre content of the bait

  • Hydrolysed Calves Liver – An excellent attractor and feeding stimulant with concentrations of amino acids, enzymes, salts etc

  • Liquid Poultry Liver – A rich, well-rounded natural liver in liquid form. A very nutritious and attractive appetite stimulant

  • Blue Cheese Powder – This produces a strong taste and aroma, increases the salt profile, and contains naturally occurring acids (butyric/glumatic)

  • Blend of Essential Oils; Mexican Onion Oil, Garlic Oil and Chilli Oil – These contribute to the unique flavour/aroma profile of the boilie

  • Fresh egg (in date)

It is perhaps difficult to envisage what the finished bait is like from the above, but you just know it’s a winner when you see it. Likewise it is rather difficult to describe, but we’ll have a go for you! The first thing that hits you is the potent, tangy profile combining livery, garlicky, spicy and cheesy tones. The bird food, milk protein and yeast base is attractive in itself, but is further complemented by the sweet skinned tiger flour and the peppery Robin Red. The strong, spicy and salty yet sweet taste is moreish and the incredible texture and digestibility allows them to keep eating it!

It has proved devastating during testing over the past couple of years, in which it’s mainly been tested in the cooler months (it’s a perfect cold water bait). It also lends itself perfectly to pre-baiting due to its digestibility. As always, all ingredients are of the very highest quality, stored appropriately on site to ensure condition, and are used well within use by dates. All orders can be collected from fresh, ready to be used or put in to your freezer, or of course we can deliver.