Maple Milk Winter Bundle

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The Maple Milk Winter Bundle contains the following items:

  • 5kg Maple Milk Boilie (14/18mm)
  • 200g Milky Nut Stick Mix
  • 250ml Maple Milk Liquid Food
  • 1x pot of Maple Milk Slow Sinkers
  • 1x pot of Maple Milk Pop Ups 

The Maple Milk is a devastating all season mix, which has become a firm favourite for many of our customers during the winter months. 

Maple has long been regarded as one of the greatest carp bait flavours of all time. As with all of our ingredients and attractors, we will only use the very finest available. Our maple flavour makes no exception to this being a highly regarded original dark concentrate, it's packed full of natural ingredients that offer an incredible maple syrup aroma to this bait.

The nutritional profile, leakage, palatability, digestibility, texture, and taste that this mix amounts to is incredible; a tigernut-based boilie like no other. Every ingredient complements the next, and together form a food item that performs impeccably on so many different levels. The instant success that this has bought too many anglers over the years cannot be ignored; an instant bait that just gets better and better through application.

The Winter Bundle is available until the end of winter on 20 March 2022.