Maple Milk Marbles

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The Maple Milk consists of a unique blend of ingredients, that formulate a devastating all-season food source. It consists of the following:
- A bird-food product (that will not be named) that is an outstanding source of digestible protein and non-lipid energy, as well as including an optimum profile of the essential amino acids
- Haiths CLO Bird Food; adds Cod Liver Oil and Omega-3 fatty acid value, as well as nutrition and texture
- A range of related Phosphoproteins which provide essential protein, nutrition, and amino acids
- A small inclusion of another digestible protein product that will not be named
- A complex Yeast product inclusion which aids digestibility, and adds to the protein, vitamin B, mineral and fibre content of the bait
- Coarse ground tigers and tiger nut meal is included to form a nut base. This mix provides flavour, texture and nutrition
- The part that the user will appreciate nearly as much as our quarry! A blend of natural, human-grade flavours/extracts used at combined optimal levels.
- No egg, or any other ingredient for that matter, used passed 'use-by' dates
The nutritional profile, leakage, palatability, digestibility, texture and taste that this mix amounts to is incredible; a nut-based boilie like no other. Every ingredient compliments the next, and together form a food item that performs impeccably on so many different levels. The instant success that this has bought to many throughout the testing stages cannot be ignored; an instant bait which just gets better and better through application.
We realise that this mix is an awesome cold-water bait, and many will use it for just that. However, for those who shy away from fishmeals, this mix will sustain beyond our quarries nutritional requirement all year round, and the powerful attractor profile will certainly keep the results coming in! As always, all orders can be collected from fresh, ready to be used or put into your freezer.
The Maple Milk is an unrivalled nut-based food item, the results have and will speak for themselves.