Hot Shrimp Hookbaits SS (Soluble Skin)

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Our new range of coated freezer bait the SS ( soluble skin ). Through extensive experimenting, we have developed a formula that has allowed us to create a freezer bait with a layered coating, very much like our renowned game changer hookbaits. Like everything in our range, this has been formulated with the highest quality food and marine grade ingredients available within the industry. Whilst the core bait remains unchanged, the additional layered coating consists of , Green lipped mussel, Shrimp, liver, fish extract, Robin red, krill plus a couple of secrets!

This isn’t just a gimmick, it provides various different attractor release rates from the coating of the bait without hindering the attractor package of the core bait itself. Just by watching it in a tank or in the margins, you can see it continuously releasing plooms of natural goodness onto the lake bed and also up in the water column.

Initially, testing has gone down very well between a select few, it’s remained a secret very hard to keep to ourselves. Initially, this will be introduced within the shrimp range, whilst other formulas and experiments are underway for the rest of our food bait range. Be it for baiting campaigns and having that Edge over others on busy lakes or short sessions, mobile fishing where minimum disturbance but maximum attraction is required!