Garlic Xtreme

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The ingredients used in the Garlic Extreme is a nutritional, natural attractant to help finicky eaters to take food. The results of this supplement within the aquatic industry, simply cannot be ignored. Some have even referred to this as being a miracle cure for koi which have been reluctant to eat.

These powerful garlic hookbaits really are something special. This is a recipe that Spence and close friends have been using to great effect for many years. After many requests and a lot of convincing, we finally decided to bring these out to the public.

This special range now consists of corkballs, cork granlue pop ups and slow sinkers. If you’re looking for an edge this year, you’ll want keep this one to yourself.

These are available in the follow sizes:

  • Cork Granule pop ups 12mm & 14mm 
  • Slow sinkers 14mm & 18mm
  • Corkball pop ups 12mm & 14mm