Game Changers

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The Game Changer hookbaits are made from an extremely pungent mix of quality marine-based attractors and are a neutral brown or red colour. The second that the lid is removed from a pot you will be taken back by the strong shellfish and crab tones. The Game Changer mix is very soluble with excellent leakage properties. These hookbaits have produced phenomenal results over many years now and are particularly effective from Spring through to Autumn. They have proved to be deadly both fished as single hookbaits and over bait, and have consistently tempted some very difficult carp. 

The Game Changers are available in cork ball pop-up and wafter form. The corkballs are, as always, pressed to ensure a consistent depth/coverage of paste around the corkball. This ensures that all hookbaits are of an identical buoyancy. 16mm baits are based on a 14mm corkball, and 14mm baits are based on a 12mm corkball. They are then lovingly finished by hand.


They are a top quality and highly attractive food based hookbait; an invaluable addition to anyone’s armoury… just don’t open them indoors, they are potent!