Fruit Salads

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The Fruit Salads are a highly attractive popup hookbait. They are based on the same milk protein base mix as the deadly Aqua-As, but possess a different attractor profile. This consists of a blend of numerous fruit flavours/esters (alcohol and propylene glycol based) which are amongst the most proven in the scene. This is rounded off with a powdered acid inclusion and a liquid sweetener (which in our, and many others’ opinions is by far the best around). They are divine and immediately fill you with confidence. We have been using these for a few years now and the results speak for themselves… deadly! They are available in corkball or standard popup form, in pale pink or white colours (or mixed!). Both the corkballs and standard popups are available in 14mm and 16mm.


The corkballs are, as always, pressed to ensure a consistent depth/coverage of paste around the corkball. This ensures that all hookbaits are of an identical buoyancy. 16mm baits are based on a 14mm corkball, and 14mm baits are based on a 12mm corkball. They are then lovingly finished by hand. These are available in white, pale pink, or a mixture of both!