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The Aqua-B corkball pop-ups contain a whole host of top quality ingredients that have proven to be deadly over many years. The base mix consists of nine different ingredients which are as follows:


  • Four different milk proteins
  • Pink Shrimp meal
  • Atlantic Krill meal
  • GLM powder
  • Haiths Robin Red
  • Yeast


The liquid profile is as follows:

  • A human grade food liquid (fishy and high in salt)
  • Sweet pineapple ester (a shot of the flavour blend is included should you wish to enhance the fruit element)


This is something a bit different, and not just your standard fishmeal and fruit combination. The Aqua-Bs give off a sweet, rich fish aroma with creamy and fruity tones. They taste lovely too; a sweet, fruity tang on a rich, savoury fish flavour. Like all of our baits, thorough trialling has ensured that we have got it right on all levels. Many users of our products will only use these as their hookbaits; they really have been devastating over the last few years. 


The corkballs are, as always, pressed to ensure a consistent depth/coverage of paste around the corkball. This ensures that all hookbaits are of an identical buoyancy. 16mm baits are based on a 14mm corkball, and 14mm baits are based on a 12mm corkball. They are then lovingly finished by hand. If you want a top quality food based corkball popup that stands out from the crowd for the right reasons, the Aqua-B is what you are looking for.