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The highly regarded Aqua-A hookbaits have been one of our best selling hookbaits of all time. The deadly attractor package was developed by Spencer Butler and Nick Helleur many years ago, who both possess extensive knowledge and experience of what works well.

The base mix includes an ‘old skool’ combination of five attractive and nutritional milk proteins of the highest quality. Due to the ingredients used and a short boiling time, the base mix maintains attractiveness and produces a very firm yet pierceable texture. Hookbaits made from this sweet, creamy mix alone are very attractive and not so advanced variations have accounted for many special carp over the years to both Nick and Spence.

To further enhance the attractor profile of these hookbaits, the addition of the original and legendary RodHutchinson Megaspice and Ultraspice flavours have been added to the mix. We have been lucky enough to source a limited number of original bottles of the deadly attractors that were so popular 20 or so years ago. The hook baits will therefore be produced until stock runs out. They could not possibly be re-produced with a valid attractor replacement, so grab them while you can to avoid disappointment! A shot of liquid attractor (incorporating both liquids previously mentioned) is included with each pot so that they can be lightly boosted over time if preferred; we suggest that you go easy on it though!

The strong, sweet aroma of spices combined with the creamy, attractive milk proteins produce a deadly hookbait effective all year round, both presented as a singles or amongst free offerings. The addictive smell and taste is something different to what’s available today, but massively proven previously.

The corkballs are, as always, pressed to ensure a consistent depth/coverage of paste around the corkball. This ensures that all hookbaits are of an identical buoyancy. 16mm baits are based on a 14mm corkball, and 14mm baits are based on a 12mm corkball. They are then lovingly finished by hand.