Squid Hardened Hookbaits

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The Squid consists of much of the same irresistible food ingredients as the Shrimp, minus a few, plus a few in addition. Further to this, it encompasses one of the most successful flavours of all time. It includes the following:

  • A combination of the highest quality fish meals

  • Four awesome natural Crustacean/Fish extracts

  • The best GLM and Liver powders available. GLM is included at particularly high levels. Liver is included at its optimum quantity without causing bitterness

  • A unique blend of liquid foods that complement the other ingredients, adding nutritional value, as well as attractants and feed stimulation properties

  • The inclusion of  Squid & Octopus koi rearing products in optimum, proven quantities 

  • A yeast product that is very well proven, particularly in the last 12 years or so. It adds yet another dimension of attraction and aids digestibility, whilst contributing to the protein, vitamin B, mineral and fibre content of the bait

  • CLO bird food; adds Cod Liver Oil and Omega-3 fatty acid value, as well as nutrition and texture

  • A combination of two top quality milk proteins

  • Fresh egg (in date)

The Squid maintains the high nutritional profile which the other baits in the range have set the bar for; this is something we place a lot of emphasis on when formulating a bait. Incorporating much of the same ingredients as the Shrimp, plus the yeast, koi rearing products and a few other liquid attractant inclusions, this boilie is a classic in the making.

The top quality, natural ingredients which form the Squid range ensure high nutrition, vitamins, essential amino acids and many other factors essential to our quarries health. It is a particularly pungent mix with obvious Squid & Octopus tones, and has a deep, salty/fishy natural taste. Due to the ingredients used and the coarse, crumbly texture of the bait, it has high-leakage properties which produces a food item that is instant from the off. We take pride in the perfect textures of our bait. A fairly soft, crumbly bait will out-fish a rubbery, insoluble bait all day long. We can make it slightly firmer where long range sticking etc is required however, without effecting the texture too much. 

During the testing stages, the Squid has proved itself tenfold. We knew that it would be devastating, but the instant big fish results really speak for themselves.

As always, our ingredients are stored appropriately on site to ensure condition, and are used well within use by dates. All orders can be collected from fresh, ready to be used or put in to your freezer, or of course we can deliver.