Leaf Spice

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Leaf spice is one of Rod Hutchinson’s classic spice flavours, from the ethyl supreme range.

In the words of Rod Hutchinson, ”this flavour is made by dissolving pure juices and extracts in pure 100% ethyl alcohol spirit. This is produced by perlocating pure extracts in the alcohol for up to 3 days, during which all the impurities evaporate out. The spirit is then filtered through the residue purée, to produce the purest, finest flavour you can get.”

We are extremely lucky to have sourced a limited amount of this original flavour. Therefore, we shall be producing these until we run out in the following hookbait types:

  • Corkballs (Ultra buoyant Portuguese corkball)
  • Slow Sinkers (Slow sinking bottom baits)
  • Toppers (Add some buoyancy to bottom baits)
  • Pop Up (Air ball pop up mix) 

These hookbaits could not possibly be re-produced with a valid attractor replacement, so grab them while you can to avoid disappointment!